Clarke Property Services Ltd

At Clarke Property Services, we know a thing or two about electrics. Our fully trained and certified engineers are specialists in re-wiring and installing appliances, so we’ll make sure your property is connected up with due care and respect.

Our bespoke landlord service comes with industry-standard certification before and after each tenant occupies the property, so your residents are always covered.

Also, instead of grappling with potentially dangerous electrics by themselves, homeowners searching for an electrician in central London, Wembley, Ealing or Harrow can make the smart choice by calling us today.

No job is too large or small. Whether it’s wiring a whole house or  fitting a burglar alarm, you’ll find Clarke Property Services complete the job with ease at a price you’ll be happy with.

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What We Do

Re-wiring and Appliance Installation

Today, our properties are more dependent on electricity than ever before. Technology has advanced quickly over the last decade and every home now contains a lot of electronic devices including PCs, laptops, tablets, TVs, game consoles and music systems. It’s important to make sure everything is wired properly and functioning normally to protect your home from unwanted currents. Call a member of our professional electrical team now.

Fuse boxes and Lighting Installation

Current homes have more lights than at any other time in history and there’s an endless range of lighting choices. Energy efficient bulbs, halogen, LED and others, but which option is the correct choice for your home?

Our professional electricians can assist you to make the correct choice and provide advice on which lighting style is best suited to your needs. For example, the lighting in bathrooms must conform to strict regulations because installing the incorrect type could be incredibly dangerous.

A lot of homes still have old fuse boxes which were not designed for modern appliances. So, if you want your home to be wired up properly, why not let Clarke Property Services do the hard work and install a brand new fuse box for you?

Total Landlord Service

Our trained and qualified electricians will check the wiring and each electrical appliance in a property to guarantee everything adheres the highest safety standards before and after each tenant occupies the building. Landlords can rest easy in knowledge that their tenants are safe and that electricity is in perfect working order.