You and Plumbing: The ESSENTIAL Things you Need to Know

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    6th Feb 2013
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    Let’s be honest for a sec here: when you think of the word “plumber”, what are the qualities which come to your mind first? Is your plumber a total professional at his job? Does he leave his work area exactly the same as it is, if not even cleaner? More importantly, does he always look at you with a smile in his eye when he explains to you about the problems your sink is having?

    The reality, however, is exactly the opposite. Folks have been conditioned to think that plumbers are slobs in coveralls who overstay long enough under the pipes for them to charge you an outrageous fee. And why would people think differently? Isn’t this the reason why you’re trying in vain to fix the leaks yourself instead of calling for outside help?

    Well, it’s about time this whole thing charade ended! And that’s where Clarke Property Services Ltd comes in!

    Make no mistake: the tradesmen at Clarke can do INFINITELY more than plumbing! However, Mr. Colin Clarke and his friendly staff have always treated the art of fixing pipes as their bread-and-butter. Because really, nothing is more comfortable than enjoying a hot shower after a hard day’s work… and not having to worry about suddenly getting blasted with cold water right in your face without warning!

    But do you know that there’s more to plumbing than just applying wrenches in random places? You may not know it, but there are a dozen ways where you can do the fixing all by yourself! Here are some time-tested tips from Mr. Clarke himself!

    • DIY Flushing

    Toilet not flushing? If you’re just asking help from someone you know, then better expect them to pack up for a fortnight whilst running away as fast as they can from you! Hands down, this is the one job that almost anyone just cannot handle on their own! And frankly, there’s really nothing wrong with that!

    So, of course, it falls to you to fix the problem yourself! If you find that—ahem—the “things” aren’t going down as they ought to be, don’t just stand there in horror! Instead, look for a bucket which can carry about 2 gallons of water. Fill ‘er up appropriately, and then pour the water down straight into the evil thing residing in your toilet bowl!

    The bowl won’t refill completely, but it will get the job done ASAP!

    • Sink Clogs

    Yes, it’s less messier having to deal with a clogged sink rather than a toilet, but it’s still just as icky! Just ask your mum who always gets saddled with that problem while she does the dishes!

    The good news is that there’s a way for your hands to avoid all that muck! When you find yourself dealing with this problem, apply a plunger right into the sink before lifting the sink trap. If you do that correctly, all the water inside will be sucked back up again, leaving you with a clearer path in disposing the contents on your sink trap! Easy, right?

    Plumbing need not be messy. However, for the more complicated jobs, you’ll be assured that someone from Clarke Property Services Ltd will be arriving at your doorstep just as you needed help the most!

    But don’t take our word for it! Here’s one comment from one of our many satisfied customers, Mr. Sundeep Bhatia:

    “(Colin) dealt with (the problem) in an efficient manner. He got the repair done… and we were very happy with the service provided and would recommend him.”

    Couldn’t have said it better!

    If you’re living in London, Surrey, Sussex, and Manchester, you can get free quotes by calling up at 0203 322 9990!  You can also ask about Clarke’s other services like electric and heating repairs, construction work, and even cleaning jobs! They will be very happy to serve you soon!