We’re dedicated to keeping London leak-free, so whether you’re looking for a plumber in Wembley, Ealing or Harrow, you’ll find our friendly team is ready and waiting to get your pipes running perfectly.

Plumbing Specialist

Colin Clarke is a trained plumbing and heating specialist with more than seven years’ experience in the trade, so you can be sure he’ll get your radiators running to their full potential.

He explains: “A lot of people make the mistake of simply draining their radiators when they don’t seem to be getting hot. However, if the radiators are hot at the top but cold at the bottom, it could mean your central heating system needs power flushing. This process will clean out all the sludge that builds up and stops hot water from circulating properly and can even save you money on bills.”

Clarke Property Services has a wide range of experience in residential and commercial properties throughout London, so call the experienced team today on 020 3544 9266 and look forward to a winter without plumbing and heating woes.

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What we cover:

Central Heating Service

If your radiators simply aren’t radiating, our specialist team has the knowledge and skills to get those pipes pumping out heat once more. Our thorough central heating service will establish exactly what the problem is and put it right, using specialist services such as power flushing to give your system a complete makeover.

Solid-fuel Boilers

Solid-fuel burners are enjoying something of a revival, but these can also leave you out in the cold when they break down. Clarke Property Services has got the coals glowing in many homes, so if you’re left waterless in Wembley or freezing in Ealing, there’s a trained plumber and gas engineer ready to bring heating back to your haven.

Boiler Breakdowns

There’s nothing worse than a boiler breakdown – especially when sub-zero temperatures sweep the capital. But, should the unthinkable happen, we’ll be there in a shot, ready to re-boot your boiler and replace any faulty parts wherever you live in London. And, if your boiler has sadly run out of steam, we’ll source and install a new model for you at a price that won’t make you blow a gasket!

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