Interior Decorating: Not Just A Fancy Hobby

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    3rd May 2013
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    Interior Design

    Spring cleaning isn’t just a matter of dusting a broom over those hidden nooks and crannies in your house. Nowadays, other than calling up your Plumber Ealing, there’s no question that this is also the best time to completely re-do your house!

    Of course, we completely understand it if the whole task seems daunting enough to you. After all, don’t the Yanks hire “interior decorators” (who, curiously enough, are often seen on the telly) to beautify their homes for them? Think of all the materials, the manpower and—more importantly—the moolah you would have to shell out just because you’re not confident of your own house-decorating abilities!

    Heck, if you think you can do even just SOME of the things that these decorators are wont to do, then you’d be completely fine redesigning your own home. And all you need is to think like a tradesman, like a Plumber Harrow, for example! With that said, here are some useful newbie tips for your home designing needs!

    1. Draw A Plan

    Ever wondered why we said that you need to think like a tradesman when you’re about to decorate the interior of your house? Well, the reason behind this statement is quite simple, really: tradesmen are known for mapping out the areas of the house in a much organised way. In that regard, any possible mistakes can be minimised and the work, obviously, goes on much smoother than usual!

    If you’re looking to redesign the insides of your house, it is highly advisable to LITERALLY draw a map of the areas you’re looking to re-do! In particular, you need to measure the width and length of the areas of the rooms with which you’re looking to cover. And yes, if it must be said, that should even include doors, windows, and even corridors!
    Doing all of these things will achieve one of many things, the likeliest of which is, when you’re rearranging furniture or you’re out to buy new ones,  you can be able to “balance” the layout between the rooms when it’s time to do the deed!


    2. Choosing a Theme
    Of course, anything which has “design” featured prominently eventually falls down to a matter of creativity, doesn’t it? Surely, it’s not strange that so many people feel they lack the “pizzazz” necessary to re-design their house according to their own liking! But the fact is, with the help of today’s internet, looking for “inspiration” can be extremely easy in this day and age!


    If you don’t know where to start though, many design experts suggest that you use a “theme board”. Essentially, this is a scrapbook of sorts for which you can choose to grab and attach any neat image you find not only over the internet, but from tabloids, print ads, or the like. And the best thing about this is that you’re not basically limited to pictures alone; it can even be jewelry, colours, pieces of clothing…. really, you can add anything you want in your board!
    But what should you do once you have exhausted all the resources you can collect? Well, this is where you can get crazy!  You can choose which among those items you have pasted can be a good match for your house’s interior! You can even “mix” the themes you like and see for yourself whether the resulting design which you’d see in your mind’s eye would stick out… but in a good way, of course!

    Sure, you can’t expect to find all of the necessary inspiration in just one sitting, so that’s why it’s up to you to add up what else is lacking from the design so you can have one which is just truly you!


    Despite all of these above tips, just remember that, no matter how beautiful your interior is, there’s still no replacement for a home in which you can be truly comfortable in, even with all the new Heating Ealing! You can even ask your Plumber Ealing about it the next time you talk to him!

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