Heating Hassles: How to Keep Your Bills from Getting Too “Hot”

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    10th Apr 2013
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    There’s no greater feeling than coming home to a warm welcome, a warm meal, and a warm home! But of course, “luxuries” like these come with a price! In 2011, it was revealed that the average spending of each UK household on gas alone is up to £89 per year! No matter how you put it, that’s one huge drain on your budget!

    Gas is as important as Plumber in Ealing. And why would it not? Gas is even cheaper than electricity by three times! Of course, that doesn’t mean you can stay content letting things carry on as usual! What’s great about this modern era is that there will always be another alternative to saving energy costs. And even if it’s of little value, that still amounts to something in this tough economy!

    So, without further ado, here are the best tips we have noticed works best when you want to save up on heating costs! Mittens optional, by the way.

    • Go old-school

    Cold enters through the windows; that much is certain. Whilst it’s just impossible to keep off the draft by simply closing your windows—though it has been proven that thicker glasses can store heat effectively—there are alternate and low-cost ways on how you can get around to that!

    For one, you can always cover your windows with plastic sheets when you’re anticipating a particularly cold-ish day! And if you have to ask, then no, it’s not because you’re preparing for a zombie apocalypse!

    Rather, covering your glass panes with plastic adds an extra layer to the latter’s heat-retaining properties! Ever wonder why so many kids get all sweaty in a rave? Well, there’s your answer!

    Another method is for you to open drapes or curtains from your windows during the middle of a sunny day. And for best results, open the windows which face south! When nighttime falls, the heat stored in the room will be stored if you draw the shades prior to that hour! See, you don’t even have to turn the heater on full-blast with these methods!

    • Keep a Close Watch on your Thermostat

    One common misconception on household heating is that the higher your thermostat is, the more warmth you can enjoy! However, it has now been proven that not only is the former false, but you’re basically giving your heater the license to run longer than needed, which just wastes precious energy!

    Instead of doing the above, save yourself more money by buying a programmable thermostat. And here’s a pretty radical idea which you may be least expecting for a purpose like this: you need to lower your thermostat during the evenings!

    Yep, we can imagine your eyes going wide at the chilly thought of it! However, think about the fact that warmth can only be appreciated when everyone is awake! Basically, you have to preset your thermostat to lower the heating at the hour when everyone on the household is sleeping. You should also do the same when no one’s inside the house. Basically, think of this as your energy-saving version to “When a tree falls in the forest…” adage!

    • UPGRADE!

    This is the last on the list because, really, who has the money for such a Heating in Ealing project? Sensing that they may have a national crisis at their hands, the government thankfully passed the Green Deal at the start of this year! If you’re still not aware of it, this is where you can practically ask for a loan for the Heatingupgrade at practically no interest! And the best thing about this is that you can pay it in easy-to-pay installments through your monthly electric bill! Makes you proud of the Union Jack draped outside your house, doesn’t it?


    There are more tips on how you can save up on heating. All you need to do is to contact your nearest Plumber in Harrow about it!