“Green” Myths: Why Having an Energy-Efficient Home is WORTH the Trouble!

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    23rd Apr 2013
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    Thanks to the continuous media firestorm that the “Green Deal” still is afforded, there’s still a whole lot of skepticism which comes when someone mentions about planning to have their home “greened” to their Plumber in Ealing. And to be true, some of it is very well-warranted: not every homeowner is willing enough to plunk down the time—and the money, of course—for something they think of as just another “fad”.

    But make no mistake: the public awareness is already there. As far back as 2009, increasing numbers of homeowners are now aggressively publicising the fact that they’re proudly “green” homeowners, and urge the rest of their neighbours to do the same, too! Even some entities in the media, like The Guardian, have dedicated an entire sub-page of their website to profiling five property owners and some Plumbers in Harrow who were considered “innovators” in the field of green housing. But of course, one of the many reasons why it hasn’t taken off is because no one could quite agree on what the national bill for “greening” is up until now! But really, it’s only normal, since revolutions—even little ones like these—do have their birthing pains, after all!

    And this brings us to the item with which today’s piece is concerned with: what does it mean to have a green property? If you choose to have your home converted into one, does that make you an eccentric already? Well, it’s far from us to tell you the answer to the last question, but we do know that these green “myths” below are not those! No matter what your stand on the carbon/non-carbon debate is, it is important that you know every side to the story before asking your Heating Ealing whether re-installing your home is the way to go. So, without further ado, here are some of these myths!


    • Only the filthy rich can afford “green” houses.

    Well, that may have been true during the late ‘90s to early-aughts when it was the global philanthropists who were mostly synonymous with those ventures—and really, emergent technology is prohibitively MORE expensive when it always come to the first adopters!

    However, what you might lack in fancy solar roofing panels, you can more than make up for in DIY ingenuity! For example, who knew that the piles of bottles mounting up on your backyard can be used as insulation for your loft? Or when you’re out on the sticks, reused sheep fleece can also be used to pad your home in anticipation of the chilly weather after summer rolls over!
    Whilst there is always the issue of having a limited budget for these kinds of ventures, one good thing about being environmentally aware in this era is that there is ALWAYS an alternative for everything! Spend your time doing research, and you’ll eventually know that there are more ways than one on converting your house to an environmentally conscious one!


    • Only exceptionally gifted engineers can make their dream green homes into a reality.

    Again, this is most likely another fallacy perpetuated by someone who saw a random show on the telly years ago, but you know what they say about television, right? The truth is more dressed up than it really is… and thankfully, it’s less fancy than we even thought to be!

    Take the example of one homeowner from London: he slashed his electricity bills by 60% mainly by switching his bulbs from the usual incandescent ones to the much efficient (and cheaper, too) compact fluorescent lights (CFL). Sure, he basically entered each room in his flat and replaced the bulbs one by one. But as his example shows, all those man-hours spent unscrewing-and-rescrewing light bulbs were all worth it!


    See, it does not take anything fancy to customise your home into an energy-efficient one! For more advice on how else you can do that, simply ask your nearest Plumber in Ealing about it!

    Written by Colin Clarke