We’re bright sparks here at Clarke Property Services. Our certified engineers are experts in re-wiring and appliance installation, so we’ll make ensure your property is connected with care.

Our specialised landlord service includes industry-standard certification before and after each tenancy, so you can rest assured your residents are completely covered.

And, rather than struggling with potentially dangerous electrics themselves, homeowners looking for an electrician in central London, Wembley, Ealing or Harrow can make the right connection by calling us today.

No job is too big or small – whether it’s fitting a burglar alarm or re-wiring an entire house, you’ll find Clarke Property Services will get the job done at a price far less shocking than you may have imagined.

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What we cover:

Fuse boxes and Lighting Installation

Homes today are probably more illuminated than at any time in history and there’s a limitless range of lighting options to choose from. Energy-saving bulbs, halogen, LED….the list goes on and on, but which one is right for your home?
Our expert electricians can help you make the right decision and give advice on the style of lighting best suited to your needs. For example, bathroom lighting has to conform to a strict set of regulations, as choosing the wrong type could prove very dangerous indeed.
Many homes still contain antiquated fuse boxes which simply weren’t designed for today’s appliances. So, rather than fumble around in the dark looking for a piece of fuse wire, why not let Clarke Property Services do the hard work and install a brand new fuse box for you?

Re-wiring and Appliance Installation

In the 21st century, our homes are more reliant on electricity than ever before. Technology has progressed rapidly over the last decade and each home now contains a bewildering range of gadgets including PCs, laptops, tablets, TVs, game consoles and music systems.
Recent advances such as under-floor heating have also increased the need for safe installation to keep homes comfortable and safe.

With all this electricity in the house, it’s important to ensure everything is wired correctly and running efficiently, so to protect your state-of-the-art home from unwelcome currents, call a member of our specialist electrical team today.

Complete Landlord Service

Our fully-trained and qualified engineers will check the wiring and every appliance in a property to ensure everything meets the highest safety standards before and after each tenancy. Landlords have complete peace of mind knowing their tenants are safe and that electricity is flowing efficiently to their properties.

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